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Let’s make the application process smoother for you

Each South African university has its own unique application process, so be sure to check the website of your chosen institution for details (you can also scan our list of institutions that offer architecture-related programmes). But while you’re here, take a look at some general tips to help make the application journey a little smoother.

Things to keep in mind

Check the closing dates
Don’t leave it to the last minute – apply as soon as you can after applications open (remember: your application must actually reach the university before the closing date). Certain programmes may also close their application period earlier than the rest of the university, so be sure to check on this, too.

On your marks…
There are some important minimum requirements for study towards architecture-related qualifications, so check with your chosen institution (find out more here). Generally speaking, universities ask you to submit your Grade 11 marks when applying (sometimes, any Grade 12 marks that are available when you apply are also required). These will be used by the university to assess whether you qualify for provisional acceptance in a programme. Your final matric marks will later be used to confirm your place. (Remember: never send your original results when you apply –get certified copies made. You can get this done at any South African police station as long as you have a copy and the original document.)

Paper or digital?
Check the submission method preferred by your chosen institution. Some universities require students to apply online, while others require a paper-based application (some offer both options). If you’re posting your application, make sure you allow enough time for it to reach its destination well before the closing date.

Monitor your application
Many universities allow you to keep tabs on the status of your application. Check whether your chosen institution offers this option and make use of it.

National Benchmark Test
The National Benchmark Tests (NBTs) assess how ready you are for the academic challenges of university study. They’re compulsory for many South African tertiary institutions, so it’s highly likely that you will need to complete the tests in order to study architecture. Check with your chosen institution or find out more about the 2019 NBTs here.

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