Wondering what it takes to get an architectural qualification in South Africa?

Not sure whether to head to a university or a university of technology? Explore the different study pathways here and pick the one that's right for you.

Architecture study pathway

At the start of your studies, you’ll begin an undergraduate degree or diploma at a university or at a university of technology, which usually takes three years. Mathematics, physical science and a bachelor’s pass are requirements for university admission (some universities of technology also have this requirement). In addition most institutions require a portfolio and/or entrance tests.

This three-year degree or diploma will enable you to become an architectural technologist or a senior architectural technologist.

Additional postgraduate qualifications and practical work experience are required to qualify you as an architect

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After receiving your architectural qualification, you’ll need in-service training to gain practical experience. You could at this point be registered with SACAP (the South African Council for the Architectural Profession) a candidate architectural technologist, candidate senior technologist or candidate architect.

Then, after passing a board exam, known as a professional practice examination (PPE), you will be able to register with SACAP as a professional. This registration is a legal requirement for practising architecture in South Africa.

What is the difference between an architect and an architectural technologist?

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